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Campus Tour

Classroom Building

The C-shaped, four-story Classroom Building contains classroom spaces, the office of the dean of the School of Natural and Social Sciences, and other academic offices.


Smart classrooms (Classroom Building A108, A209, A212, A303, A307, B106, B108, B118, B119, B209, B220, B309, B319, B332, C116, C122, C202, C302, C313), computer labs, conference rooms, lounges, offices, research laboratories, wireless Internet access

The Dr. Harold F. Peterson Conference Room houses the major part of the Peterson Collection featuring textile, ceramic, metal, and stone artifacts that were produced by early indigenous civilizations of South and Central America. The room also is used for seminars and conferences.

The Monroe Fordham Regional History Center promotes the study of regional history.




Occupancy Date: 1973
Square Feet: 105,450