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Campus Tour

Rockwell Hall

Facing Elmwood Avenue, Rockwell Hall is viewed by many as the college's "signature" building.

Rockwell Hall opened in 1931 as the centerpiece of five Georgian-style buildings constructed on the college's new campus. The Main Building (as it was first called) originally contained the college's library, cafeteria, administrative and faculty offices, and an auditorium.


Inside: Smart classrooms, computer labs, dance studios, offices, performance spaces, practice rooms, second-floor cafe and lounge, wireless Internet service



Occupancy Date: 1931
Square Feet: 121,015


Rockwell Hall was dedicated in honor of Harry Westcott Rockwell in 1961. Rockwell was largely responsible for the growth of the college from the one-building Buffalo Normal School, serving as its principal from 1919 to 1928, to the striking new five-building Elmwood Avenue campus, then known as the New York State College for Teachers. He retired in 1951, after assisting with the process to affiliate the college with the newly formed State University of New York in 1948.