Undergraduate Travel Program: 2014-2015 Academic Year

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PROGRAM INFORMATION 2014-2015 Academic Year

Applications for current academic year are now being accepted. Requests will be considered within two weeks of submission until all available funds are committed.

This program provides partial support for students to attend professional meetings and conferences to give a presentation, exhibit juried artwork, or give a theatrical or musical performance. The eligibility requirements below apply to this program. Faculty mentors can also apply for partial travel support to accompany the student to the meeting.

Notification of Support:

The Office of Undergraduate Research strives to review applications and notify faculty mentors within two weeks of receipt of a completed travel program application. Faculty mentors are expected to share award notification information with their student(s). Students are not contacted directly.

Eligibility Requirements:

Student(s) must be the first author(s) on the accepted abstract/presentation/artist statement and give a presentation/performance at a professional meeting, conference, or exhibit.

Funding Limits:

Due to the high demand for funding, only partial support for travel is available. It is anticipated that the student and faculty mentor will seek additional support from other sources (e.g., department and Dean's offices, student organizations/clubs, and external funding).

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the following funding limits have been established:

  • For abstract/artist statement with a single student author (with one or more faculty authors listed on the abstract), the maximum student award is $400. Partial support for the faculty mentor(s) will be a maximum of $150.
  • For abstract/artist statements with multiple student authors (with one or more faculty authors listed on the abstract), the maximum travel award is $600. Partial support for the faculty mentor(s) will be a maximum of $150.
  • For students attending international meetings, the $400 maximum student award may be increased to reflect the higher travel costs. Such increases will be determined on a case-by-case basis and depend on the availability of funds in this program.


Travel advances are not available. Upon completion of the trip, receipts are processed through the Office of Undergraduate Research. Students receiving support from the Undergraduate Travel Program are required to participate in the 17th annual Student Research and Creativity Celebration scheduled for May 1-2, 2015. The completion of the online application is required before travel reimbursements are processed.

NEW: Requests for reimbursement must be made within 2 weeks after returning from the meeting. Evidence of attendance at the meeting will be required (e.g., cover of conference proceedings, page with published abstract, schedule showing time of presentation, for example.)

Outcomes from Prior Support:

Requirement: Faculty members that have served as mentors on projects that received support within the past three years from the Office of Undergraduate Research must complete the 'prior support' portion of the application.

Student Contact Information
Name of primary student contact:
Email address of primary student contact. An email address must be provided before any information will be saved:
Check to confirm that the lead presenter is an undergraduate student:
Expected date of graduation:
Information about other students: provide name and whether they are an undergraduate or graduate student
Faculty Mentor Contact Information
Name of primary faculty mentor:
Email address of primary faculty mentor:
Office Phone:
Travel Information to be Completed By Student
Give the name of the professional meeting/conference/visual or performing art show and location and dates of the meeting

Upload verification of abstract/presentation/artist statement acceptance indicating that the undergraduate student requesting travel funds is identified as the first author. Please do NOT upload the conference proceedings/program

It SHOULD be a confirmation letter or some other verification that the work has been accepted.

Please upload only .doc, .docx or .pdf files. If you have the verification in email please copy and paste the text of the message into a separate Word document and upload that in this form. Note: If you cannot upload a document/pdf of the acceptance notification, email singerjk@buffalostate.edu to determine alternative way to send the verification.

This verification is required before your application will be considered.

Student registration fee:
Faculty registration fee (only necessary if mentor is requesting support):
Mode of travel (air, train, car, other):
Ticket cost for air or train travel:
Round-trip mileage if traveling by car:
Estimated nightly rate for hotel:
Number of nights at hotel:
Travel Information to be Completed By Faculty Mentor
Summary of outcomes from prior support from the Office of Undergraduate Research. The faculty mentor must describe activities (e.g., presentations, performances, and/or publications) and other outcomes for students funded in the past three years.

Please review the information provided by your student(s) and make any corrections necessary. Pay particular attention to the uploaded document to verify that it is readable and contains the notification of conference/meeting acceptance. . If the incorrect document was provided by the student, you can delete it and replace it with the correct document. The document uploaded must provide verification that the student is the first author and that the abstract/artist statement has been accepted for presentation.

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