Integration of Undergraduate Research* into the Curriculum - Supplement

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Application Deadline: Open

Program Description:

Stipends will be provided to faculty members to support the modification or refinement of courses developed with funding from the Integrating Undergraduate Research into the Curriculum program. The course for which supplemental funding is being requested must have been taught a minimum of two times. The expected outcome from a Supplement is a revised course syllabus, clearer articulation of the undergraduate research/creative activity and/or materials provided to students to guide them in completing the research/creative component, and teaching the course at least once in the next 2-3 semesters. Depending on the activities proposed and time involved in refining the course, the stipend amount of Supplements will range from $350-500. Notification will be made within 1-2 weeks of submission.

Eligibility Requirements:

This program is open to all tenured and tenure-track faculty from any academic department. Applications may be submitted by individual faculty or teams of faculty.

  1. Stipends will be paid at the completion of the project.
  2. Final reports must include an explanation of the activities completed with particular detail about how the course was modified to better integrate the undergraduate research activity.
  3. Faculty members receiving support are expected to participate in a follow-up survey to help evaluate this program and contribute to our college wide efforts to evaluate the impact of undergraduate research.
  4. Students enrolled in the course are required to participate in the college's annual Student Research and Creativity Conference held the last weekend in April.

*The term research should be broadly interpreted and includes discipline-accepted activities that are defined as research, scholarship, and creative activities. Regardless of definition, it is assumed that the work will produce original results and contribute to the body of knowledge and creative works within the discipline.

Contact Information

Your description should not exceed 1500 words. Describe the course you want to modify (revise or refine). Include the following information in your description:
  1. Catalog number and brief description of the course, including the research/creative activities that already are included in the course.
  2. Audience for the current course (note if you plan to target the same or a different audience in the refined/revised course).
  3. Your experiences teaching the course, particularly related to implementing the research/creative activity.
  4. Your plan for modifying the course to better integrate the undergraduate research/creativity component.
  5. Identify your desired student learning outcomes as a result of the students' participation in the proposed activity.
  6. Provide a timeline for implementing your project and the semester when the course will be offered again.

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