Integration of Undergraduate Research into the Curriculum: Second Year Undergraduate Research Program Application

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The Second Year Undergraduate Research (SYUR) program strives to provide students opportunities to learn about the research process and conduct course-based research early in their academic experience. SYUR intends to support eight special sections of courses typically offered in the second year. The SYUR program SYUR reflects the college's efforts to engage early-career students and increase retention. Proposals that strongly align with these goals are encouraged and will be more competitive for available funding. Faculty from all academic programs are encouraged to apply.


The SYUR program strives to broaden participation in undergraduate research as a means of enhancing learning, support the College's efforts to engage early career students, and increase retention of first and second-year students. Proposals that strongly align with these goals are encouraged and will be more competitive for available funding.


  1. For current round of the program, faculty are limited to a single application involving one course.
  2. The course proposed should be a normal expectation of second-year students in a major curriculum or an Intellectual Foundations course appropriate for second-year students.
  3. The faculty member must have prior experience as an undergraduate research mentor or participate in one or two professional development discussion/planning sessions focusing on integrating undergraduate research into the curriculum (all participating faculty would be invited to attend these sessions and related follow up conversations related to integrating undergraduate research into the curriculum).
  4. The faculty member is expected to articulate the way(s) in which the course teaches how substantive questions in the discipline are generated and answered and be willing to mentor all students enrolled in the course.
  5. The students are required to conduct a research/scholarly/creative activity that leads to original contributions to the body of disciplinary knowledge and/or new works of art. The expected outcome would be appropriate for the students' backgrounds and prior knowledge and skills.
  6. Students in the research section of the course are expected to submit applications and present their work at the Student Research and Creativity Conference.
  7. The faculty member agrees to mentor the students as they prepare to present at the annual campus research conference (applies to faculty teaching fall sections of courses).


For the Fall 2017 pilot round of this program, we anticipate supporting up to eight sections of research courses. Participating faculty would receive a $1000 stipend and a student assistant to help with the oversight of the student research projects. The number of assigned student assistants would increase depending on the course enrollment.


Proposals will be reviewed for completeness, quality of the experience for the student (based on their level of engagement with the project, and faculty mentoring plan and prior experience mentoring undergraduates conducting research/scholarly/creative activities. Priority will be given to those projects that are strongly aligned with the College's commitment to student success and retention.

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