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Faculty/Curriculum Development Program

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Application Deadline: Open
Notification of Awards: within two weeks of submission

Program Description:

This program is intended to assist STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) faculty with professional or curricular development. Each award will provide compensation to individual faculty or groups of faculty for their time and effort with the intent that their project will be completed over the summer.

Project Ideas:

We are open to almost any project that enhances undergraduate retention in the STEM departments and welcome your ideas and collaboration. We are especially interested in receiving proposals that would result in the development of problem sets with solutions for use in the weekly problem solving sessions. Other possible projects are identified.

  • Course revision to increase active learning
  • Integration of technology in and outside the classroom
  • Enhanced opportunities for research or field experiences in gateway courses
  • Development of interdisciplinary or paired/linked courses (e.g., pairing an introductory section of GES 101 with a focus on geophysics with PHY 111, pairing a CIS and MET/EET course, or pairing a section of CHE 111 with MAT 161).

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. STEM Faculty member(s)
  2. Work must be completed during the summer
  3. Agree to share materials (e.g., problem sets with solutions, revised course syllabi) with other STEM faculty at Buffalo State and disseminated on our NSF project website.

Program Requirements for Funded Faculty:

  1. Mandatory orientation session (scheduled in May or June)
  2. Brief mid-summer update of project
  3. End of project report
  4. Wrap-up session in September to share project outcomes


Proposals will be reviewed by STEM Grant PIs and STEM faculty. Opportunities to refine project goals and determine the budget requirements will be offered prior to finalizing awards.

Contact Information

Academic Title


Office telephone

Email. An email address must be provided before any information will be saved.

Request for Proposal:

A. Overview: Provide a short summary of the problem (e.g., high percentage of students earning a grade of 'C' or lower; low retention of students in a two-semester sequence (CHE 111 to CHE 112, MAT 126 to MAT 127) and proposed way to address the problem.

B. Identify specific course(s) impacted by this activity.

C. Describe the tasks to be completed and a timeline for accomplishing the tasks.

D. Project Participants: Identify all faculty involved in the project, including who will be the project leader / contact person and relevant contact information for the summer.

E. Student population effected. Projects must focus on courses classified as gateway courses for STEM majors and/or upper-level courses taken by STEM majors.

F. Materials Produced: Be specific about the curricular materials that will result from the project (Note: all materials produced using NSF funding will be disseminated to other Buffalo State faculty and made available on our project website www.buffalostate.edu/connectwithscience.

G. How does this project contribute to student success? Only projects that directly lead to the retention of students in STEM and contribute to increasing graduation rates can be considered for funding

H. Other relevant information

I. Budget: Describe the role and responsibility of each member of the project. The budget will be negotiated for each project and based on current faculty salary and the amount of effort for each faculty member involved in the project (please indicate amount of effort in weeks (less than one week should be noted using one day = .20 week).