Small Grants Program To Support Undergraduate Research

The deadline for submissions has passed. You will no longer be able to edit existing submissions, or make new ones.

This application should be filled out by the student(s) and the faculty mentor(s). If more than one student is involved in the same project, submit a single application and identify each student involved in the project. Only a single faculty statement is required. Faculty members that have served as mentors on projects that received support within the past three years from the Office of Undergraduate Research must complete the prior support portion of the application. The prior support should: 1) summarize the outcomes of past project(s); and 2) include information about the impact of the previously funded project(s) on the student(s) (e.g., results were presented at a conference; contributed to student being accepted into a graduate program; student received an award related to the project; among other possible outcomes). Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.


Student(s) receiving support are required to participate in the 20th annual Student Research and Creativity Conference scheduled for May 4th and 5th, 2018. Note: This requirement applies to students graduating in December 2017. The SRCC provides students an opportunity to present their preliminary or completed research and creative activities in a student-friendly and supportive environment. The deadline for submitting applications is March 22, 2018.

Fall Deadlines:
Deadline for Student Input: October 20, 2017
Deadline for Faculty Input and Approval: October 23, 2017

Spring Deadlines:
Deadline for Student Input: Midnight, February 26, 2018
Deadline for Faculty Input and Approval: Midnight, February 28, 2018

The Office of Undergraduate Research strives to review applications and notify students and faculty mentors within two weeks of the deadline date. Faculty mentors are expected to share award notification information with their student(s). Students are not contacted directly.

Student Contact Information
Name of primary student contact:
Email address of primary student contact. An email address must be provided before any information will be saved:
Expected Date of Graduation:
Names of Additional Students
Faculty Mentor Contact Information
Name of primary faculty mentor:
Email address of primary faculty mentor:

Note: It is highly recommended that you (student) directly contact your faculty mentor to be sure they received the automated message sent to them with information about how to access your application. If your mentor did not receive this message, re-check their email to be sure you entered it correctly. If your mentor cannot access the application, they should email:

Office Phone:
Project Information to be Completed By Student
Title of Research, Scholarly, or Creative Activity:
Proposed starting date:
Proposed ending date:
Description of your proposed project. The description should include the goals and anticipated outcomes of the project (up to 300 words)
Significance of your proposed project to advancing knowledge in the discipline and/or creating a new work of art (up to 100 words)
Provide background information, including relevant references, that provides a context for your proposed project and helps others to understand related work that has been done that informs you about your project. For example, are you trying to apply a particular method or technique to address an unanswered question in your field or are you exploring a particular technique to create a new work of art? (up to 250 words)
Describe the approach/method you will use to carry out your proposed project or creative activity. (up to 250 words)
Check if your proposed project involves any activity that requires compliance review This includes such things as: surveys, interviews, and educational research.
If above is checked, you need to contact your faculty mentor to complete the application for review. No research funds will be released until completion of compliance review (research exempt or approved).

Check box if you have received prior funding (includes both completed or current project) from the office of undergraduate research.
If you answered yes, provide details about how this proposed project builds upon your previous research experience(s) and what you are learning/learned from the project(s). Please be as specific as possible by identifying the project, its goals, your findings, and how that experience shapes/informs the project you are proposing.
Budget request (Note: Minimum budget request: $100. Maximum request for single student project is $400; Maximum request for two or more students working together on a single project is $600):
Budget List each item or service requested and the estimated cost. Student salary is not allowed.
Briefly explain why each item is being requested (e.g., how it is directly related to the project). Note: If the total project cost is more than $400 (single student project) or $600 (2 or more students working on the same project), the budget explanation must clearly indicate how the requested amount would be used, the source(s) of the additional funds to carry out the project, and how the project would proceed if the other funding is not obtained.

REQUIREMENT: Receipts must be saved and forwarded to the Office of Undergraduate Research at the end of the project.

Note: Budget can not be used to print posters, purchase office supplies, routine photocopying, or software already installed on department computers. Students should take advantage of camera and tape recorder rental service available through the E.H. Butler Library.

Identify any anticipated publication, presentation, exhibit, and/or performance resulting from the research/creative activity.
Project Information to be Completed By Faculty Mentor
Statement of the Faculty Mentor. Provide a statement that addresses the following (approximately 300 words): 1) the preparation of the student(s) to conduct the proposed activity; and 2) how you will mentor (guide and support) the student throughout the proposed activity. Please be very specific about how many times per week you plan to meet with your student(s) and describe how you will monitor your their progress.

If project involves research requiring compliance review (see statement must include timeline for review. No research funds will be released until completion of compliance review (research exempt or approved).

Description of outcomes from prior support from the Office of Undergraduate Research. Describe activities (e.g., presentations, performances, and/or publications) and other outcomes for students you mentored that received funding within the past 3 years from the Office of Undergraduate Research. If none of your students have been funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research in the past 3 years, leave this question blank.