2018 Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

Student Application Deadline: April 10, 2018
Faculty Mentor Deadline: April 12, 2018

The Office of Undergraduate Research anticipates awarding between 24 and 26 summer fellowships to students interested in pursuing their research or creative activities. The fellowships will be distributed among the four schools (School of Arts & Humanities, School of Education, School of Natural and Social Sciences, and School of the Professions) based on the number of proposals submitted from each school. Proposals from all academic disciplines are welcome and encouraged.

The Fellowships

Note: The student stipend will be paid in three installments. The first installment will be made in mid to late June 2018, the second installment will be made after the mid-summer progress report is completed, and the final installment of the student stipend and the faculty stipend will be paid after the submission of the final report (deadline: August 18, 2018).

Eligibility Requirements

  1. Only one proposal per faculty mentor will be accepted.
  2. Student must be a sophomore, junior, or a senior graduating in December 2018 or later.
  3. Student cannot be the recipient of a prior Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship award.

Note:If the student is graduating in December 2018, they are still required to come back to Buffalo State in the spring, 2019 and present their findings at the SRCC (see #4 below).


  1. Mandatory attendance at an orientation meeting in May, 2018, at which time each fellowship recipient will give a brief presentation describing their proposed scholarly activity.
  2. An progress report is due in the middle of the summer. The second installment of the student stipend will be made after this report is submitted and approved.
  3. A final report is due no later than August 18, 2018 (guidelines for the final report will be provided to each fellowship recipient and their faculty mentor during the orientation meeting).
  4. Required participation of the student in the Twenty-First Annual Student Research and Creativity Conference (late April/early May, 2019).

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by anonymous faculty within the academic school of the faculty mentor. The evaluation criteria are available online and include: Project/Creative Activity Criteria (35 points), Student Criteria (35 points), and Faculty Mentor Criteria (30 points).

Notification of fellowship recipients will be made after April 18, 2018.

For information about mentoring go to: http://undergraduateresearch.buffalostate.edu/faculty.

Student Information
Dear Student Applicant:

You may have noticed that this application form asks you to provide us with some personal information that might seem unrelated to your motivation and competence to conduct undergraduate research. The personal information (e.g., gender and ethnicity, whether or not you are a transfer student, and how many hours you work each week) is for our own research -- it will help us to evaluate the impact of the program on students with widely varying backgrounds and characteristics. It is not part of our review process and will have no bearing on your chances of being accepted into the program.

Name of Student:
Email. An email address must be provided before any information will be saved.:
Your Banner Id :
Date of Birth:
Please indicate your ethnicity:
African American/Black:
American Indian or Alaskan Native:
Pacific Islander, including Native Hawaiian:
Mixed ethnicity:

Transfer Student:
Number of hours you work per week (include Work-Study, any on or off-campus job):
Current class level:
Number of credit hours completed by the end of fall semester. Do not include current semester courses.:
Overall G.P.A:
Major G.P.A:
Expected Date of Graduation:
Degree of certainty about academic career plans.:
Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your academic plans and how certain you are about those plans?
Faculty Mentor Contact Information
Name of Faculty Mentor:
Office Phone:
Email address of Faculty Mentor:

Note: It is highly recommended that you (student) directly contact your faculty mentor to be sure they received the automated message sent to them with information about how to access your application. If your mentor did not receive this message, re-check their email to be sure you entered it correctly. If your mentor cannot access the application, they should email: singerjk@buffalostate.edu

Note: An unofficial transcript will be obtained from the Registrar by the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research. This transcript will only be used by the member of the faculty committee that reviews fellowship applications.

Directions: Part A of this application must be completed by the student. Part B of this application should be completed by the faculty mentor.

Part A: To be Completed By Student
1. Title of Research/Creative Activity :
2. Description of your proposed project (up to 500 words)
3. Significance of your proposed project to advancing knowledge in the discipline and/or creating a new work of art (up to 200 words)
4. Provide background information that provides a context for your proposed project and helps others to understand related work that has been done that informs you about your project. For example, are you trying to apply a particular method or technique to address an unanswered question in your field or are you exploring a particular technique to create a new work of art? (up to 500 words)
5. Describe the approach/method you will use to carry out your proposed project or creative activity. Explain why this is a reasonable approach that should result in a high likelihood of a successful outcome. (up to 500 words)

NOTE: If you plan to include interviews, surveys, or similar activities check with your mentor because you will need to complete an IRB before beginning your proposed project.

Check if project involves any activity requiring compliance review
If above is checked, you need to contact your faculty mentor to complete the application for review. No research funds will be released until completion of compliance review (research exempt or approved).

Check box if you have received prior funding (includes both completed or current project) from the office of undergraduate research.
6. If you answered yes, provide details about how this proposed project builds upon your previous research experience(s) and what you are learning/learned from the project(s). Please be as specific as possible by identifying the project, its goals, your findings, and how that experience shapes/informs the project you are proposing.
7. Describe any relevant academic or work experience and achievements that prepared you for conducting your proposed activity. Include any prior related coursework, research and/or creative activity or any skills you acquired from your work experience. (Limit your answer to 250 words or less)
8. If you are awarded a USRF for the summer (check one box that indicates your best intention):
I do not plan to work during the summer and will devote full-time to my project.:
I plan to have a part-time job and spend up to 25 hours each week working:
I plan to have a full-time job and spend more than 25 hours each week working:

If you checked box 2 or 3, we recommend that you meet with your faculty mentor and discuss how your part- or full-time summer job during the summer will impact your schedule and your ability to conduct eight (8) weeks of full-time scholarly activity.

Part B: Information to be Completed By Faculty Mentor
1. Please indicate what school you are part of:
2. Describe how you plan to mentor (support) the student throughout the proposed activity. Be very specific about how many times per week you plan to meet with your student and describe how you will monitor your student's progress. (Limit your answer to 500 words or less).

If project involves research requiring compliance review (see http://undergraduateresearch.buffalostate.edu/research-compliance) statement must include timeline for review. No research funds will be released until completion of compliance review (research exempt or approved)

3. This program is designed for frequent face-to-face interactions between the student and faculty mentor. If either of you plans to spend periods of time out of the Buffalo/WNY region, describe how your mentoring plan will address this.
4. The student is expected to devote a minimum of eight weeks of full-time scholarly activity. If your student plans to work during the summer, describe what arrangements you have made with the student and how the part-time or full-time job impacts the student's ability to complete the proposed project.
5. Provide a description (1000 word maximum) of your professional accomplishments, including any previous and current scholarly activities that include undergraduate students. If you have served as a mentor on a previously funded summer research fellowship(s), you must provide the following information: name of the student(s), brief description of the project, and outcome(s) of the project (e.g, presentations, publications, performances, or other scholarly activities that resulted from the project, including presentations made during the Student Research and Creativity Conference). Please do not include an extensive bulleted list of presentations/publications; summarize your scholarly work instead.
6. Provide a letter of recommendation for your student. You may upload a file OR enter your letter into the box below. Please upload only .doc, .docx or .pdf files.
Please make use of the "Save this incomplete form" option below when you have finished to return to this form, download the file you have upload and confirm that it has uploaded correctly.

Letter/Statement of Recommendation (if you have not provided a copy using the upload box above).